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Auckland Location Map
Auckland Location Map
Shrine at Palpung Thubten Chokyi Ghatsal

Palpung Thupten Lungtok Kunphen Choling

Palpung Thupten Lungtok Kunphen Choling Buddhist Institute is an official branch of Palpung Sherabling under the spiritual direction of the 12th Kenting Tai Situpa, a Golden Rosary lineage holder of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. Founded in 2000 by Ven. Choje Lama Shedrup the centre features authentic teachings and practices of the Kagyu lineage. It is located in Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand.

PTLKC offers an ongoing schedule of Buddhist teachings and practices as taught by our Karma Kagyu masters.

Regular Practices:

Daily Practices

5.30 - 6.00am: Dorje Chang Thungma with silent meditation, and Manjushri practice.

6.00 - 7.00am: Green Tara Practice.

5.30 - 6.30pm: Mahakala, Long Life prayers, Chenrezig practice and Dewachen prayer.

Saturday at 10.00am: Medicine Buddha practice

Sunday at 10.00am: Tara practice

PTCG members receive discounts on teachings, books and dharma shop items, Thar Lam journal and accommodation. For information and a membership form, visit the membership section of the site, or contact

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